Arkimia was born from the evolution of the company founded in 1946 by Mauro Gaspari’s father, which from the production of buttons went on to fashion accessories, to bijoux made by exclusive techniques for the most famous luxury brands, to furniture and objects, after the union with the Philippine supplier, with precious natural materials and techniques unique in its field.

Arkimia connects Italian taste and rigorous aesthetic research with the craftsmanship of East Asia, natural and synthetic amalgam, creating unique pieces with renewable and certified materials.
Arkimia selects carefully the most beautiful cultivable sea shells and Philippine native stones, combing them with woods, metals and colored resins.

This new project is born from the encounter between the creative and productive experience of Mauro Gaspari in high-end fashion with the inventiveness of Giulio Ceppi, architect and designer, in search of new expressive and sensorial languages in interior architecture for these natural and exclusive materials, and for too long destined only for a few.
A contemporary Wunderkammern to connect the cultures of the world.

The application sectors range from fashion accessories to packaging, from furnishing accessories to interior design till, without limits of hybridization of materials and languages, to the custom of motorcycles and cars and to the yachting sector.

Mauro’s creative and productive experience in the buttons, accessories and bijoux sector, made with the most varied techniques and materials, are available to customers for advice and for the creation of entire collections or individual projects.

Bien Unido

All raw materials and processes for the production of Arkimia products are certified and sustainable.
Part of the proceeds is donated to the Bien Unido fishermen’s cooperative on the island of Bohol, Arkimia’s trusted partner in collecting shells, in order to support their economy and help them implement farming and fishing systems compatible with the environmental resources.

Every time I look at the objects and accessories we produce in the philippines, despite the over 20 years of collaboration, I am struck by the passion and care with which our employees work there.

With this project I would like to let the world of design know and appreciate the wonders they are able to do with such special materials, in the hope of bringing innovation to a world where often everything seems to have already been done… 

Mauro Gaspari,
Founder and managing director Arkimia